garage rock band outta Montclair NJ

Claire vocal Dylan guitar Margaret drums Joe bass

Tula Vera
Full Bush/Roderick/Lionties/Tula Vera at P H Â R M Â C Y in Philadelphia, PA on 10/27/2019

Full Bush /Roderick/ Lionties/ Tula Vera

Friday, September 27 at 7 PM – 11 PM


1300 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA

Full Bush(PA): Are you ready for them? Are you sure? ARE YOU REALLY POSITIVELY SURE!? I hope you are because FULL BUSH will be taking the stage. These talented individuals are equipped with enough sonic power to knock each and every sock off in the room all, in the style of Punk Rock!!!

Roderick(NJ): You may have heard of these fellas. They sing, they jump, they make for one rowdy bowl of good vibrations and award winning smiles. Even if you havent, Roderick will leave you humming their hypnotic hooks and cheerful refrains. Plus, you get 2 acts for the price of one(Feat. Cuddlepasta).

Lionties(NJ): These lions are looking to leave the den. Playing their 1st show in Philadelphia ever, let's grab out binoculars as we observe their angsty punk that you and your mom could love.

Tula Vera(NJ): This band will make you hear colors and see sounds. Imagine, you are sitting at the kitchen table, its a Saturday, cartoons are on and as you begin to poor some cereal in to your bowl, the box and the milk POUR THEMSELVES!!! This is an objective instance of impressive...Tula Vera is a MILLION TIMES better than that. With the creativity and passion that most could only wish for in their lifetime. Let their enigmatic music take you ALLL the way to the very last station. You will be happy with there you have ended up!

This One Will Be One For The Books at McSpankys Space Station in Philadelphia, PA on 10/28/2019

This One Will Be One For The Books

Saturday, September 28 at 7 PM

McSpanky's Space Station

Philadelphia, PA

Tula Vera

Shred Flintstone

Jean Pool

Show Space in West Philly | Make noise in our house | Formerly Known As Gay Baby Jail
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Prosody Farewell & LP Release Show! at Muchmores in Brooklyn, NY on 10/29/2019

Prosody Farewell & LP Release Show!

Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 8 PM – 11 PM


2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY

~Prosody~ eeeeewwwwww.

*Tula Vera* Zeppelin WISHES they could.

<Late Guest at the Party> sYnThY bOiS and fellow Hunter-goers.

After two and a half amazing years, Prosody is ~finally~ releasing our album and playing our last show together.
Reilly & Co./John Cozz & The Rippers/Skylar Pocket/Tula Vera at Muchmore's in Brooklyn, NY on 10/17/2019

Reilly & Co./ John Cozz & The Rippers/ Skylar Pocket/ Tula Vera

Thursday, October 17 at 8 PM – 12 AM


2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY

Reilly & Co.

John Cozz & The Rippers

Skylar Pocket

Tula Vera